The good folks at Reebok’s “Classics” division are gearing up to bless you with a re-release of one of the greatest retro 90’s collections to have ever hit the streets, seriously! 

As a kid, I grew up playing ball on some super nasty outdoor courts, often times the rims had been so weathered that rust had split the iron into two pieces. But, we didn’t care a bit. We’d spend entire Summer’s out on those courts, and at times, we felt more at home there then inside our actual homes. 

And, trust me when I tell you, to play on those kinds of grusty surfaces, a Jumpman style simply wouldn’t cut it. We needed a much sturdier and solid piece of footwear to stay on point. Enter Reebok’s “Blacktop” collection, the perfect solution for what us outdoor maniacs needed and a must for when that concrete surface heats up. The return of this timeless collection featuring 2 classic silhouettes, the Battleground (featuring PUMP technology) and Boulevard — both decked out in original colorways which haven’t been seen since the 90s. 

This limited collection is set to drop this Friday — May 9th — and all four style will be available both in-store and via

Reebok Blacktop Battleground
Colorway: White/Black/Beacon
Style Code: V55494

Reebok Blacktop Battleground
Colorway: Black/Purple/Blue
Style Code: V56091

Reebok Blacktop Boulevard
Colorway: Black/White
Style Code: V55438

Reebok Blacktop Boulevard
Colorway: White/Punch Pink/Navy 
Style Code: V56085