Over the past 8 months — since opening RISE on October 31st, 2013 — we’ve been working alongside a number of brands to create specialty and limited edition products. Like so many other boutiques, we place our own unique spin on goods, allowing fans and customers to learn more about who we are and what we’re here for.

We feel the game has needed a change — a new approach, something larger than just the product itself. Last year, yours truly spent time creating a concept that is completely brand new to the “boutique x brand” collab field. That very concept is now alive under the title, “NEW YORK IS FOR LOVERS”.

With that said, a handful brands have been extremely receptive and welcoming of our ideas, and some weren’t even willing to listen. That is simply the nature of the business though. The chips need to fall as they may, but, when the opportunity arrived to sit down with the good folks at FILA, and we connected immediately. And, if you’re going to celebrate NY, you’ve gotta do it with a brand that embodies our spirit.

This premise itself varies from everything else within our market through it’s ability to reach beyond the sneaker/streetwear world and enter into arena of charity. Anyone who is already familiar with our group understands how highly the principal of giving back ranks with us.

At face value, NYIFL celebrates the amazing nature of the state and city we call home, but also it’s characteristics and ambience. Our mood is often referred to as “rude” or “brash” to those on the outside looking in. Meanwhile, at our core, we’re actually genuinely warm and compassionate, this rich contrast sets New York apart from everything else. You can call it the “Big Apple”, “City of Dreams”, “Concrete Jungle” or whatever else you like… we just call it home.

As for NYIFL’s deeper meaning, creating a product that is entirely RED allowed for another incredibly rewarding opportunity. In the spirit of giving, use of this vibrant & eye-catching color meant that we’d be afforded the chance to work with organizations who devote themselves to researching and developing a safe and sustainable cure to treat the HIV/AIDS pandemic, not only here in New York, but globally. To assist, a portion of the proceeds from each sale of the NYIFL collection will be donated back to help with their work.

Our strong values, confident nature, compassion, caring and willingness to help, that is the true spirit on New York.