Professional athletes, casual fans, and celebrities alike find themselves indulging in trends of the past. And, although the running category has taken a bit of the spotlight lately, retro basketball continues to permeate fashion, thus allowing the legacies of those once great athletes to live on. In the midst of an era of greats, Patrick Ewing and his signature Ewing Athletics line continues to tell that story...

Ewing, considered one of the greatest college athletes ever, will always be judged in comparison to his opponents. One of his greatest adversaries went to the University of North Carolina (need we name names?).

Ewing Athletics 33 Hi

Color: White/Etheral Blue

Style Code: 1EW90014-413

Price: $110USD

Pat served as the team leader during his years as a Hoya down in Georgetown. Known as the "Center"-piece of their team, he led his squad to three Final Four appearances.

Ewing Athletics Center Hi "Georgetown"

Color: White/Grey/Black

Style Code: 1EW90095-068

Price: $110USD

And now, after his playing days are long behind him, the former #1 Draft pick now resides as a member of the coaching staff for the revitalized Charlotte Hornets.

Ewing Athletics Wrap "Hornets"

Color: White/Purple/Teal

Style Code: 1EW90104-186

Price: $100USD