BWGH set the bar high with their first release with German brand PUMA, and the Fall 2014 collection shows no sign of them slowing down. Both XS-698 models were inspired by the work of Ethan Cook, who is known for his work in the abstract expressionist painting movement.

With both uppers composed of soft nubuck, accented by the chenille form-stripe along both sides to keep the classic PUMA look. We can appreciate great execution on the footwear. BWGH did not miss a beat with matching apparel, which we previously covered.

Check the imagery in all of its color-blocked glory.

BWGH for PUMA XS-698 "Patriot Blue"
Color: Indigo/Dark Red
Style Code: 357033-02

BWGH for PUMA XS-698 "Dark Shadow"
Color: Navy/Tan
Style Code: 357033-01