TCNY "Rorschach 2" Hoodie (Black)

$35.00 USD

The Rorschach test (also known as the "inkblot test") is recognized as the most widely used projective test amongst psychologists throughout the world. Through these inkblot-like shapes, a subject’s perceptive range and attitude is recorded, measured and analyzed using psychological interpretation and various complex algorithms.

At TCNY, we are not scientists, we’re merely some creative folks drawing inspiration from everything around us. In this case, we were highly intrigued by the aspect of perception and thus chose to use it as a tool to communicate our own message.

TCNY was established in 2009. It’s founder, the man affectionately known Mr Chase, was inspired to make an impact nearly two decades ago. At the age of 10, after losing his father to HIV, he was forced to grow and mature from a boy into an adult quickly. His story is just one of the many.

Studies show that each year we lose over 3 million lives to HIV/AIDS worldwide. Meanwhile, it is estimated that nearly 5 million people will be newly affected by contracting this disease year after year, across the globe. We at TCNY have one simple goal — to be the catalyst of change.

With each purchase of our apparel, a significant portion of the net proceeds will be given directly the organizations who work tirelessly to discover a safe and affordable treatment as well as eventually developing a cure that will be accessible to all in need. 

We hope you enjoy wearing our designs and feel a sense of pride in contributing to this cause.